On November 5th, Shenzhen Stalloys officially announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, Songyan Melting Materials (Quannan), will investment in the construction of an LiPF6 project. Songyan intends to invest RMB 700 million in the construction of an LiPF6 project with a capacity of 15 KMT/year in Songyan Industrial Park, Quanan County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province at its existing plant. The products will be used as raw materials for Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and consumer electronics. Construction will last 1.5 years. The project is planned to be built in four phases, as described below:

Phase I will have a capacity of 0.8 KMT/year, and the construction of the demonstration production line has been completed. The commissioning has been basically completed, the raw materials, personnel, and supporting facilities for production have been put in place, and the trial run of the equipment has been smooth so far.

Phase II will have a capacity of 3.0 KMT/year. The equipment has been procured and is expected to be installed in the plant in December 2021.

Phase III will have a capacity of 5.0 KMT/year, with equipment procurement to commence at the end of November 2021.

Phase IV will have a capacity of 6.0 KMT/year, with equipment procurement and installation to begin in 2022.

On November 5, Tinci disclosed that the 60 KMT/year liquid HPF6 plant and 150 KMT/year electrolyte mother liquor configuration plant built by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiujiang Tinci, had completed installation and commissioning of production equipment and had the conditions for trial production. The above-mentioned units have been officially put into production and entered the trial production stage.

On November 4, Jiangxi Shilei Fluorine Materials’ first public EIA announcement was made for its capacity expansion and transformation project of LiPF6 with a capacity of 6 KMT/year. The company intends to invest RMB 50 million to carry out the capacity expansion and transformation in the original plant area of the company. After the completion of the project, the capacity of LiPF6 will be expanded from 1.2 KMT/year to 6.0 KMT/year. Other capacities will be 8.4 KMT/year for hydrofluoric acid and 36.0 KMT/year for hydrochloric acid by-products. The project is located in the Fluorine Salt Chemical Industry Base in Huichang County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province.

On October 30th, DFD held a groundbreaking ceremony in Yangquan High-tech Zone New Materials Industrial Park for a 20 KMT/year LiPF6 and additives project. The total investment of the project was RMB 1 billion. The capacity of 20 KMT/year for high-purity crystal LiPF6 will be built in two phases with a construction period of 36 months, and the construction of Phase I will be completed by the end of 2022. This cooperation between DFD and Yangquan government is a great integration of technical advantages and industrial advantages, and a historical opportunity for government and enterprise to join hands to help new energy development.

On October 25th, Lee & Man (International) Investment held a signing ceremony with Ruichang City People’s Government for a high-end fluoropolymer and lithium battery new material project. The total investment of the signed high-end fluoropolymer and lithium battery new materials project is about RMB 2 billion, and future annual sales revenue will be about RMB 3 billion. The proposed capacity is 20 KMT/year for PVDF, 10 KMT/year for LiPF6, and 50 KMT/year for hydrofluoric acid (including 5 KMT/year for electronics grade products). It is planned to be put into operation in two phases.

Zhong’ang Mining Group announced its entry into the LiPF6 segment.

On October 12, China Kings Resources announced that the company signed a project investment agreement with the Management Committee of Jiangshan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. The project name is “25 KMT/year new energy fluorine-containing lithium materials and 80 KMT/year fluorspar project.” The total investment of the project is about RMB 1.55 billion. The project is planned to be built in three phases and to be completed within six years.

Phase I: LiPF6, etc. capacity of 6 KMT/year

Phase II: LiPF6 capacity of 9 KMT/year

Phase III: LiPF6 and lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide capacities of 10 KMT/year plus an R&D center

Source: Fluorochemicals Industry News

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